Acrylic Blocks - 30mm thick

Acrylic Blocks are an eye-catching and contemporary way to display your images. At 30mm thick these blocks are ideal for use as a free standing method of displaying your photos on a desktop or shelf etc. Your print is mounted to the back of a 30mm acrylic block using a special optically-clear adhesive. This gives a prism-like effect when viewed from different angles. In addition the acrylic blocks also turns your flat 2 dimensional image into a substantial 3 dimensional object. Suitable for social or commercial images, portraits, landscapes, commercial products and even logos all look superb when displayed on a 30mm block.

Personalise your acrylic block: using our online system to order your acrylic block you can add text and so personalise your image.

All our blocks have professionally polished and finished edges and are currently available in 4 sizes - 5"x5", 7"x5", 8"x6" and 10"x8" (all 30mm in thickness)